How much can it cost us to repay the payday loan ahead of time?

When borrowing money in the form of loans, it is important to take into account the various payday loan repayment situations. One of those elements that is worth considering is to repay the payday loan ahead of time. Such a repayment ahead of time under certain conditions included in the payday loan agreement may not be beneficial.


If money is borrowed especially for medium or long periods of time, it can very often happen that the payday loan will be repaid ahead of time. Then it is necessary to both decide on the appropriate financial conditions on which the money is borrowed.

At the same time, it is important to check the provisions in payday loan agreements, which concerns, among other things, whether there are fees charged by payday loan companies or banks for early repayment of a payday loan. Such a solution will not be beneficial especially if you decide to repay the payday loan ahead of time, but in the last months of the long-term payday loan agreement. The penalty may make it unprofitable to repay the payday loan ahead of time.

The benefits of repaying the payday loan ahead of time are based on the fact that interest is deducted from the payday loan repayment amount, which would accrue until the end of the payday loan agreement.


Commission on a short-term payday loan

When borrowing money in a short period of time, you must take into account that all costs charged in advance are unfavorable. Such costs are included in the total amount of capital to be repaid. At the same time, they are paid in the first place, that is, before interest begins to be paid back on capital.

On the other hand, early repayment is beneficial because you can reduce the repayment of interest that would be repaid if the payday loan agreement lasted until the very end. Therefore, it is worth looking for short-term payday loans of such financial products, which mainly have low commissions.

It is also important that all other types of costs charged in advance are as small as possible. However, the interest rate is much less important in this case.

Interest on a long-term loan

The longer the payday loan repayment period, the more important is to look for offers with a low interest rate.

It affects the amount of interest paid on capital, which in the long-term is calculated even for several dozen years in the case of mortgage payday loans. However, paying back an earlier long-term payday loan can be beneficial at almost any time. Even repayment six months before the end of the payday loan agreement can be very beneficial from the point of view of interest. This applies especially to payday loans with increasing interest or with fixed interest charged on capital.

On the other hand, slightly lower benefits can be obtained if you opt for long-term payday loans, which are calculated in a decreasing manner. It is also important to avoid such payday loan offers, where there are fees for early repayment of capital. For this reason, it is necessary to carefully read the terms of the agreements when signing payday loans, which allows you to avoid signing unfavorable payday loan agreements.