Credit Business,Seasonal Businesses and Their True Ally


Early in the spring begins preparations for the new active financial season . It comes with its plans and challenges, but also with opportunities to expand the business or at least its renewed start from the point where you left it at the end of last season. You have learned a lot of the mistakes made and you have effective suggestions how things can happen in the new financial year. Any new idea, however, requires careful planning on the one hand and effective funding on the other. You need a quick turnaround to realize the planned potential projects, but at the end of the season the investment has been successful. To that end, you need bridging funding that helps businesses in a key period of need for short-term financial support to cover running costs in anticipation of good cash receipts within a few months.


Bridge financing

Bridge financing

Bridge financing is a convenient financial instrument to ensure the necessary collateral, and among the sources of business lending, companies can rely on a trusted partner in the face of Prospect Capital with lending from BGN 100,000 to BGN 1 million . In addition to remarkable professionalism, the company fits into every individual customer. A major advantage is the speed of looking at individual requests and giving a preliminary credit opinion , which is of paramount importance to seasonal businesses where decisions are not postponed.

If you are engaged in agriculture and vegetable production, you are most likely to be buying agricultural land , loading seed or other planting material, you will need both fuel and perhaps fertilizer. You have earned European funding for the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment, but it will not be available until the end of the season? However, the machines are needed right now.

If tourism is your starting point for summer 2019 and you are dreaming to turn the newly-built building into a successful hotel business – bridge financing will help you open your doors in time and at the end of the season after the last tourist promised you again knocking on your door next summer, you’ll have enough money to get your credit back, and even get enough for the new start next summer.

Perhaps your passion is landscaping and right now all your regular customers decide that they need the fresh refreshment of their yards and a technical review of their irrigation systems? This spring is important to finish the construction of a new facility that will become the basis of your new business related to growing grapes and winemaking in late summer and early autumn? Or, you just have a successful start-up , winning a European grant, but are you getting a bargain offer for equipment and software right now? Bridging funding is backed up again.

In other words, when there is a need for fast bridge lending , the business already has a reliable partner in the face of Prospect Capital. The standard customer interest procedure until the approved amount of funding is granted takes up to 3 weeks on average. This remarkable expedience of service positions the company among the preferred seasonal business partners.